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108 Mala Necklace: Joy


108 Bead Gemstone Mala Necklace 

Mala intention: Joy
Guru Bead: Tibetan Dzi Agate
mala beads: Ocean Jasper
Bead Count: 108 beads + 1 guru bead and 1 tassel
Size: 6mm beads, mala circumference is 39 1/2 inches

This beautiful hand beaded mala brings a joyful energy with its colorful Ocean Jasper. The brass accents and deep teal tassel enhance the earthy beauty of these stones, while the treasured spiritual history of the Tibetan Dzi Agate guru bead speaks to ancient wisdom, protection from negativity, courage and healing. This mala just radiates optimism.

Please note: this mala is currently only available with brass spacers. If you'd like a similar mala made in the hand-knotted style, please send a message to check on availability and price. 

The Magic of Mala beads: Mala beads are finding their way onto the necks and wrists of yogis, holistic practitioners, the mindfully aware, the fashion conscious, and the curious. Often called prayer beads, malas are sets of beads that have been worn throughout history for devotion, comfort and healing. Ancient Buddhists and Hindus believed that by touching each bead while repeating a Tibetan mantra or Sanskrit prayer, they would have a more focused and heightened meditation experience.Using mala beads to enhance meditation continues to be a common practice today. But you don't have to be an enlightened practitioner or follow a certain religion to wear / use mala beads. You can simply wear them as a reminder of an intention you've set or to receive the subtle healing vibrations from a particular gemstone. Whether you are an experienced yogi, you meditate daily or monthly, or you just like the beauty of a mala necklace, you won't regret purchasing a Holy Rocks Mala.


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