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About Holy Rocks

Holy Rocks is a woman-owned small business founded in 2013. Every Holy Rocks piece is designed and handcrafted in the Holy Rocks studio located in Decorah, Iowa USA.

 Holy Rocks aims to be your go-to source for spiritual jewelry. Everything in the shop has a purpose; to enhance prayer and meditation, to help strengthen faith, to provide support during life challenges, to aid spiritual / personal growth, and to allow you to share the gift of spiritual / personal growth with others.

 Holy Rocks designs tend to be simple and modern, striving to always allow the natural beauty and energy of the gemstones to shine through. Great care and attention are given as each piece is meticulously handcrafted, one bead at a time, producing heirloom quality pieces that will be cherished for many years.

About the Owner

Behind the scenes, you will find Karn, the owner and maker at Holy Rocks.
Karn was raised Catholic, so as a child she learned how to use the rosary as a tool for both devotional practice and contemplative prayer. Pairing that background with 20+ years of jewelry making experience led Karn to launch Holy Rocks in 2013 with her first line of Catholic gemstone rosaries. The subsequent years have been exciting, as Karn has been able to expand the business to include rosaries, malas, and prayer beads for additional faiths / spiritual paths. Karn is honored & humbled to be able to create these sacred tools to enhance people's lives.

About Prayer Beads

Did you know that today, over two-thirds of the world's population employ prayer beads as part of their spiritual practices?

The exact origin of prayer beads is uncertain, but the earliest known use was more than 3600 years ago. Starting as pebbles carried in a pouch to count prayers by Hindu followers in India, these beads were later strung and called a mala. This form of prayer counting carried over to Buddhism and Islam.

The first recorded use of prayer beads in Christianity was by the Desert Fathers in the 3rd century. Widespread Christian usage became more commonplace during the Middle Ages, and finally, the rosary was officially sanctioned by the Catholic church when Pope Leo X gave the rosary approbation in 1520.

In the mid-1980s Christian Prayer beads were developed to give Protestants a new form of contemplative meditative prayer.

It is interesting to trace the history of prayer beads. To see that they have remained an important part of spiritual practice for many people across many religion and to also see that their use continues to spread and evolve.