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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Hello dear customers and friends. 

As the situation around the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, I wanted to take a minute to let you know what is happening at Holy Rocks. 

Safety PrecautionsAs you may know, Holy Rocks is run out of a home studio in Decorah IA. The studio space is a closed-off, separate space from the rest of the house. It is not open to the public and I (Karn) am the only person working in the studio. Myself and my family have been self-quarantining since March 14th. At this point no one in my family has symptoms of illness. If at any point someone develops symptoms, the Holy Rocks website and all online sales will immediately close for as long as necessary. All beads or supplies purchased for use in Holy Rocks products during this time are arriving via mail and are then sequestered for multiple days. I am washing everything in soap and water upon opening. Solid hand-washing techniques are used by everyone in the household. This includes when I enter my studio and on a regular basis while I work. I am doing everything I can to ensure safe handling of my products, so you can feel confident and safe when you make a purchase. All orders are shipped in packaging that has cardboard / paper exteriors (not plastic).

Economic Impact: Holy Rocks like many other small businesses is seeing a negative economic impact from this pandemic. This is normally a very busy time of year here, leading up to first communions, confirmations, Easter, and mother's day. Many church events are being cancelled / postponed which is impacting the amount of gifts that are being purchased. If you are in a position to purchase a gift now to save for later, it would really help. Holy Rocks gift cards are also now available here. They can be purchased to give to someone else or you can buy them for your personal use later. They do not expire. I appreciate all support given. Prayers and good vibes are always welcome!

Whether you buy from Holy Rocks right now or not, I encourage you to do what you can to help small businesses around you. I know many store fronts, restaurants, salons, etc. are closed to customers. Please take time to see if they have a website. Buy online now or buy a gift card to use once the business reopens. Send your hairdresser an online cash gift that equals what you would be paying them in the salon. Check your chamber of commerce website to see if there are other ways to support local businesses. Our communities need us and we need each other. ♥

Most important: Take care of yourself, take care of others. Stay home. Be well. Keep the whole world in your prayers. Send out good vibes and be open to prayers and good vibes coming your way. So much love to you all!

-Karn, owner & maker @ Holy Rocks